What do I write in my journal?

  • what I had for breakfast, house repairs, aching body parts, sleeping habits, celebrity love affairs, and the weather.
  • my dreams— no matter how much or how little of them I remember.
  • the should-I-or-shouldn’t-I decision to paint my kitchen bright burnt orange.
  • the color of my friend’s newborn son’s eyes.
  • the patterns in my life— what direction my life is taking or not taking.
  • my ragged nails, the size of my thighs, and my crooked toes.
  • the future.
  • conversations with my older self, my younger self, and my plain-old everyday, right-here-and-now self.
  • the news— globally, locally, and privately.
  • the lyrics of songs I know by heart that seem to fit my life.
  • 5 things I am grateful for (especially when I’m crabby).
  • my acceptance speech for my lifetime achievement award.
  • a description of the ocean.
  • endless, repetitive lists of chores to do, like “do laundry,” “clean bathroom,” “sweep kitchen,” and “organize studio.”
  • rants about underwire bras, doctor’s offices, and oil changes.
  • experiences that I have never spoken about aloud.
  • entirely fictional scenarios, sometimes with dialogue or purely cinematic.
  • the Big stuff: life, death, religion, poverty, war, peace.
  • the soundtrack for the movie of my life.
  • passionate love letters to my husband that he may or may not see.
  • lists of wines I have not yet tasted, menus for dinner parties I haven’t had, cities I haven’t been to.
  • affirmations about going to the gym, eating healthy, and the myriad recipe substitutions in the endless quest for healthy, yet delicious chocolate brownies.
  • a lot of questions: What am I looking forward to? What am I planning for? What is there too much of in my life, or too little? Are there places of stress in my heart or my head? Are there open spaces of love?
  • blessings for friends who are travelling and friends who are sick.

I routinely examine my experiences to live more fully, to be more present, to be more aware. I record my life. I tell my story, and retell my story, if only to myself.


Tell me, what kinds of things do you write in your journal?