My interest in journaling began as a young girl when my second grade teacher, Mrs. Thomason, handed me my very first journal (see above). For thirty years, I’ve developed that gift into my life’s purpose: to offer journal writing to anyone as an invaluable instrument for healing, growth, and discovery, and to share the gift of poetry with anyone who has a desire to be transformed through the power of words.



Through my passion for personal writing, I’ve discovered a realm of therapeutic benefits through expressive writing that have been studied and proven to reduce stress and promote feelings of well-being. Journal Therapy, which is defined as the purposeful and intentional use of life-based writing to further therapeutic goals, is one of the Expressive Arts Therapies, such as dance, art, or music therapy. I earned my credential as a Certified Applied Poetry Facilitator through the International Federation for Biblio/Poetry Therapy in 2006 and love sharing my passion for and extensive knowledge of personal writing with beginning writers and life-long journalers alike.

I’ve offered poetry and personal writing techniques in such varied arenas as transitional centers for women, creative women’s retreats, Girl Scouts, elementary classrooms, and even corporations, where I not only encourage personal writing, or “Wordcatching,” as a mindfulness tool, but also as a guide to reduce stress and celebrate the joys of everyday life. I’ve recently taught art journaling, techniques on Ryder Carroll’s Bullet Journal®, and vision board collage, as well as a 13-week Artist’s Way course.

I’m available for in-person journaling workshops, classes, retreats, and individual journal coaching online. For upcoming events, check out my calendar. For more information or questions, please contact me.

Click below to see my introduction into art journaling demo video!

Click below to hear me being interviewed by Henry McCarthy from July 2011 on Emory and Henry’s Poets and Writers!