Poetry Therapy



What is Poetry Therapy?


To quote the National Coalition of Creative Arts Therapies Associations: “Poetry

therapy and bibliotherapy are terms used synonymously to describe the

intentional use of poetry and other forms of literature for healing and personal

growth. The term “biblio” means books and, by extension, literature. “Therapy”

is derived from the Greek word “therapeia” meaning “to serve or help


What does a Poetry Therapist do?


As Kay Adams, past President of the National Association for Poetry Therapy


“We work in many settings where people deal with personal and communal

pain and the search for growth. As poetry therapists, we use all forms of

literature and the language arts. We believe in the power of poems, stories,

journals, fairy tales, folk tales, memoirs and songs to help in the healing

process. We are united by our love of the word and our passion for enhancing the lives

of others and ourselves. We strive to make poetry, writing and journaling more

accessible to others. (We) continue in our work together to increase the

recognition of poetry therapy as we utilize the therapeutic and evocative

potential of poetry, literature and writing.”


It is my purpose to offer the journal to anyone as an invaluable instrument for healing, growth, and discovery, and to share the gift of poetry with anyone who has a desire to be transformed through the power of words.